Procedures, Guidelines & Forms

Expenditure Procedure

Due to California State Regulations, ALL EXPENDITURES from ASB Accounts MUST be PRE-APPROVED. Only Faculty Advisors can submit a Request to Spend Money.

Step 1: Discuss and record club intentions to spend money from club funds using the Meeting Minutes Form.

Step 2: Complete the Pre-Approval section on the Expenditure Form BEFORE making purchases.

Step 3: Once given pre-approval by ASB, make purchases of items recorded in Meeting Minutes and Expenditure Form and collect all original receipts. All purchases are to be made by Faculty Advisors and/or Club Members. ASB does not facilitate purchase requests. For large expenses that include an invoice (DJ Services, Photography Services, etc.), a separate Expenditure Form needs to be completed for each vendor.

Step 4: Complete the Check Request section on your originally submitted Expenditure Form, include receipts and/or invoices, include Meeting Minutes, and submit to office.

Step 5: Wait patiently for your check to be issued. Turn around time for a check request may take as long as 10 business days.

Event Planning Procedure

ALL BHS EVENTS MUST be PRE-APPROVED. Only Faculty Advisors/Club Officers can submit an Activity Request.

Step 1: Complete and submit an Event Planning Form 2-3 weeks prior to earliest possible event date. Events that requires facilities reservations and/or transportation are encouraged to complete and submit an Event Planning Form at least 3-4 weeks prior to earliest possible event date.

Step 2: Once given pre-approval by ASB, a calendar invitation will be given to you and your event will be included in our ASB Calendar.

Step 3: Clubs can begin advertising their event following Advertisement Guidelines. Clubs can request to use select ASB materials to create their advertisements by contacting the ASB advisor to arrange a time, typically before school, during lunch or after school.

Step 4: If your event is a Field Trip, be sure to provide each participant with a Field Trip Permission Slip and Field Trip Requirements Form.

Field Trip Permission Slip

Fundraiser Activity Procedure

ALL BHS FUNDRAISERS MUST be PRE-APPROVED. Only Faculty Advisors/Club Officers can submit a Fundraiser Request. All sales and payments collected must be directly overseen by the Faculty Advisor.

Step 1: A fundraiser is considered an Activity. Be sure to also follow all steps to the Activities Procedure above.

Step 2: Once given pre-approval by ASB, determine if your fundraiser will require a Tally Sheet, receipts, or bot.

The Tally Sheet Form is required for items that will be given at the time of the sale (e.g., snacks, drinks, stickers).

Receipts are required for items that will be given after the time of the sale (e.g., admission to a future event, pre-ordered clothing).

Step 3: Run your Fundraiser activity. Your Faculty Advisor must be present to directly oversee all sales and payments.

Step 4: Collect all Tally Sheets and/or receipts and place them in a sealed envelope.

Step 5: Count your cash and/or checks and complete a Deposit Form.

Step 6: All Tally Sheets, receipts, Deposit forms, cash and checks are to be submitted directly to the office manager or ASB Advisor.

Advertisement Guidelines


All slogans/sayings/messages must be school appropriate.

Seek approval from anyone featured in your advertisements.

Scan your advertisement to make sure it includes all necessary information.

Posters and flyers:
  • Seek teacher approval for any posters or flyer advertisements you would like to place inside classrooms or outside classrooms. To help protect your posters or flyers from possible damage, it is recommended that they be placed in windows facing outward.

  • For posters and flyers that you plan to place inside classrooms, to do so at times that will not interrupt any class instruction.

  • Be sure to use painters tape for all posters and flyers that are hung on walls or doors. Be sure to use scotch tape for all poster and flyers that are hung on windows, including door windows, to Masking tape, and duct tape are not allowed as they will damage walls and/or leave residue. Items using non-recommended tapes will be taken down and collected by ASB. If postings of flyers or poster cause damage to school property, the club may incur repair costs.

  • Make sure all materials including posters, flyers and tape are taken down within 2 days after your event.

  • Posters and flyer that are damaged, not maintained or are falling will be taken down and collected by ASB.

  • Poster and flyers are not to be hung in school bathrooms.

Instagram Posts
  • tag @officialbhs_asb and your advertisement will be added to our story.

Morning Announcements
  • Complete a Morning Announcement Form and submit it to ASB at least 3 school days before you would like your announcement to be made.

  • Announcements need to be written in full sentence as they will be read verbatim.

Other Forms