Sign Up for Sports

Sign Up for Sports - The Process: An Outline

  • Watch the video on this page to learn how to sign up with Athletic Clearance.
  • Have proof of health insurance with student's name on it.
  • Print the sports physical form, then get exam. Screenings may only be performed by a licensed¬†M.D., D.O., PAC (Physicians Assistant -Certified), or NP (Nurse Practitioner).
  • Go to Athletic Clearance and complete the online registration. No documents are turned in; you upload your insurance and physical to your account.
  • A PDF with instructions for Athletic Clearance are also here.
  • Parents/Guardians volunteering and/or driving, please follow the instructions in this link to get cleared by the office and district

  • Note: "sign up," "register," and "clear" or "athletic clearance" are all similar terms.

Video: How to Sign Up with Athletic Clearance


Sports Physical

Following CIF guidelines, have your physical exam completed with provider that has earned an M.D., D.O., PAC (Physicians Assistant -Certified), or is a NP (Nurse Practitioner)

Please print and use this form:

Sports Physical Form

Bring both pages to the provider, and you will complete the first, and the provider will complete the second.

Pay special attention to the highlighted yellow and red areas. If your doctor uses their own, make sure that it has all of the same important information.

Physicals are valid for 365 days. It is recommended to complete it over the summer so that no renewal is required mid-year. To try out for a team, your physical must be valid through the entire season of the sport. This is to help teams avoid unexpectedly having ineligible athletes. We suggest you do this first so you can upload it to Athletic Clearance during the steps below. 

Registering and Signing Up for One or More Teams

We use an online platform called Athletic Clearance from Home Campus for part of the athletic clearance process. The instructions are below, but here is a link to a pdf of the same instructions. There is no paper packet.

1. Go to Athletic Clearance Website

Athletic Clearance Website

Create an Account

Begin creating your account by clicking the “Start Registering Your Athlete” button. You'll click the "Create an Account" link below the login form if you don't already have an account with Athletic Clearance. Register with a valid Parent/Guardian email address as the username and generate a password.

2. Select "Start Clearance Here"

Type in School & Confirm Address
Select Year
Add Sports

Athletes participating in multiple sports will have to create clearances for each sport.

3. Complete all required fields

Student Information, Parent/Guardian Information, Medical History, Signature Forms, and upload any File(s).

Student Info & Parent Guardian Info
Type in Student & Parent/Guardian Information. This information will be saved for future clearances. Utilize the drop-down menu to autofill information for subsequent clearances.

Sign required documents by typing in an EXACT match of what is on the Student & Parent/Guardian page.

Click + to add a file. Browse from your computer for the file or select Choose Existing File to search for a previously uploaded file. This includes the physical from the first step above, so we recommend that you complete that first and take a photo of it or scan it into your computer. 

Make sure to save and continue after completing the files page to submit the clearance.

4. Confirmation Message

Your clearance is ready for review by your school once you have reached the Confirmation Message page.

The student is not cleared yet! The school must review and clear the student. An email notification will be sent once the school has reviewed and cleared the student for participation.

5. After Registration

After registration is complete, you can login at any time to view the status of your athlete and their participation on the team.

Future Seasons and Years

Once your athlete has been added to your account, you only need to follow steps 3-5 to register them for another sport.

Technical Support

For technical support, go to and click the help icon on the bottom right of the page. 

If you need further help, contact Athletic Director Andrea Breuninger: [email protected]