Ford twins share Bonsall’s SDHSSA female athlete of the year honor

The San Diego High School Sports Association annually honors one male student-athlete and one female student-athlete from each school. In the case of Bonsall High School, the Ford twins shared this year’s award for the honored female senior.

Officially, only one female can receive the Senior Scholar-Athlete award, so Abigayle Ford will be the formal recipient, but Bonsall High School will recognize both Abigayle Ford and Isabella Ford.

“They are a great example of siblings being supportive of each other and alternatively being competitive with each other, continually pushing each other to improve and get better without settling for mediocrity,” Eric Hendy, athletic director of BHS, said.

“Being recognized as the SDHSSA female athlete of the year is an honor, and I’m proud to be this year’s recipient for Bonsall High School. I’m happy with my accomplishments as a high school athlete, and I feel I share this award with my twin sister, Isabella, who was my running partner throughout these four years,” Abigayle Ford said.

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