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Dear Parents,

Stay in the loop with PING (Parent Information & Networking Group)! PING is specific to Bonsall High School (and not part of a national PTA-type network) and PING partners with the Bonsall Education Foundation (BEF). First of all, it's free! Meetings are approximately twiceper month with the principal, teachers, student leaders and other parents. Learn about special projects, events, and how you can contribute to those or just be informed about what's coming up and what is needed.

Offer to volunteer, voice your ideas, share feedback, positively impact your student's and other student's success and help make Bonsall High School a great place to be.

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Upcoming Meetings

PING Monthly Meeting: First meeting date for 2022-23 will be determined by the co-chairs and the principal. Please watch the Legion's Landing Newsletter for updates. 

August 2018 Kickoff PING Meeting

In his first meeting as BHS Principal, Dr. Jason Fowler laid out his vision for the school in a special presentation at the first PING meeting of the year on August 23rd. View the entire meeting or shorter video excerpts. Or, click the button below to access the meeting minutes.

August Meeting Notes

Full Presentation

The impact of taking college classes during high school


Dr. Fowler's Philosophy

Dr. Fowler's Vision for the School

Dr. Fowler's Future Goals for the school