Streich leads the way as Valedictorian of Bonsall High

On June 5, Bonsall High School celebrated its graduating class of 2019, which was just the second time that the school’s seniors have walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. At the top of his class, Gunnar Streich, valedictorian and beloved friend of his peers, was among the students that graduated.

Attending SDSU, the graduate plans to major in criminal justice and hopes to pursue a career in government work or contracting. “I would say persistence, determination, integrity, and a good work ethic contributed to my becoming valedictorian. It was a process of hard work and persistence; it doesn’t just come from intelligence, but your willingness to put in time and effort, which is what makes it worth it in the end,” said Streich.

As a role model at Bonsall High, Streich is looked up to as a prime example of academic achievement, both taking his coursework seriously and managing to find the time for fun memories along the way. “Being valedictorian entails that I set a good example for others and work to be the best version of myself.”

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